Our First Year Conference Preview was held on Tuesday November 3rd, in Stirling Auditorium and the turnout and feedback was fantastic! Thank you to all the students who came out and hopefully you enjoyed it! If you didn’t make it to the conference preview, no problem at all! Attached you can find the slides from the presentation we gave, which mostly have to do with housing. Now is the time when a lot of you are starting to think about housing, so take a look at these slides, and let us know if you have any questions! Tons of questions were asked and answered at our preview event, so if you missed them, get in contact with a member of the committee and ask away! Hope to see some of you at the conference itself for more useful information!

Preview Slides

And here is the FYC CRIBZ video, which take you inside three different examples of the kinds of houses you could be living in next year, and play a game of find Boulby!!