FYC Committee

The First Year Conference Committee consists of the Director of First Year in collaboration with the First Year Conference Chair, as well as the other positions listed below. Eleven dedicated students in years 1-3 make up the committee; who all share a passion in helping First Year students adapt to life at university and ensuring that these students are successful during their time at Queen’s and beyond. If you have any questions or concerns about the conference, you can contact the Director of First Year Evan Dressel at , or the Conference Chair Alex Cavaliere can be reached at

Evan Dressel

Evan Dressel: Director of First Year – Sci ’18 – Geological



“Hi I’m Evan Dressel, most of you know me already, but if you don’t: I’m the Director of First Year for the Engineering Society. My role with the Engineering Society is to help first years transition into university in the smoothest way possible. The First Year Conference does a great job of giving first years an idea of what their future is going to be like. Because of that, the First Year Conference is run every year through the Director of First Year, and it’s a pretty cool conference, and with the changes we made this year, you will love it too! I enjoy food, music, long naps and my pet bunny Bryan and Rocks/Minerals… I can’t get enough of them (Geological Engineering). Just remember, have fun, make an experience you wont forget, and you’ll have a great time!”




Alex Cavaliere

Alexander Cavaliere: First Year Conference Chair – Sci ’17- Geological



“Hello there! I am Alexander Cavaliere, the Chair of the Fifth Annual First Year Conference: FYC 2016. I am very excited to work with this amazing group of people and to host the best FYC yet! I am a third year Geological Engineering student who spends his time studying rocks, traffic, and poutine.”






Matt Boulby

Matt Boulby: Finance Coordinator – Sci ’18 – Chemical


“Hey guys, I’m Matt Boulby and I’ll be handling the Benjamins for this year’s conference. First Year Conference is an amazing opportunity for first year students and I’m really excited to help out! I’m in second year chemical, so I really enjoy things like chemistry and chemistry, and I’d love to hit up medical school in the future. I decided to join the FYC team because I was a perfect example of a typical first year student since I experienced every stereotype of a first year. Lower grades than expected, homesickness, the underlying necessity to be a FREC and so much more, I went through it all and I’m here to help you figure out how life works in second year and beyond.”





Keshav Sharma

Keshav Sharma: Logistics Coordinator – Sci ’18 – Electrical



Hey I’m Keshav Sharma! I am one of the Logistics Coordinators for the committee and my job is to make sure that everything runs smoothly and everyone in attendance has a great experience and gets as much out of the this conference as possible. I am in 2nd year Electrical Engineering and I am available anytime if you have any questions. All of us are here to make sure you have a great time and actually use all the information we provide you to succeed as a student at Queen’s!





Liam Rodgers

Liam Rodgers: Logistics Coordinator – Sci ’18 – Mechanical



Hey! I’m Liam Rodgers, I’m a second year mechanical student (I <3 gears), and I’m one of the logistics coordinators (workshops) this year! I’ll be organizing all the exciting workshops throughout the conference, and making sure they all run smoothly. Fun fact, I’m from a tiny town west of Ottawa that you haven’t heard of. My 5 favorite things in life are the outdoors and the free cutlery i just got from metro (there were 4 pieces of cutlery). Actually, that little spoon sucked, so I’ll put steak in the top 5 instead.




Himesh Bhatia

Himesh Bhatia: Marketing Coordinator – Sci ’18 – Apple Math



Hey I am Himesh Bhatia, I am the Marketing Coordinator of the conference. My job is to make sure you guys actually come to the conference (and then slack off during the conference cause my job is done). I am a second year Apple Math student (that means I find Jeffery sexy) with mad dancing skills and a love of food (except I am vegetarian). So find me during the conference and ask me if you have any questions about being a plant (leafy) or being an upper year or anything.





Lydia Fogarty

Lydia Fogarty: Delegates Coordinator – Sci ’17 – Chemical



“Hey I’m Lydia Fogarty, a third year Chemical Engineering student, and I am the Delegates Coordinator for this year’s conference committee. I will be working closely with first years to ensure they get the best experience possible and ensure they have all the required information prior to the conference. I can’t wait to interact with the students both before and during the conference!”






Nicole Wirawan: Speakers Coordinator – Sci ’18 – Chemical



My name is Nicole Wirawan, I’m in second year Chemical Engineering (Process), and I am the Speakers Coordinator for FYC 2016. I’m responsible for bringing in the keynote speakers that you’ll be seeing at the conference in the hopes that they’ll inspire you to get involved in the community and do great things in the world. Some other pretty great things are Nutella, food, basketball, and all of the lovely people on the committee.





Monet Slinowsky

Monet Slinowsky: Sponsorship Coordinator – Sci ’19



Hi! My name is Monet Slinowsky and I am the sponsorship coordinator for FYC. I’m responsible for bringing in community partners to help us fund the event!! I’m a frosh with a love of kit kat, puppies, and cookie-scented lip gloss.







Amira Gill

Amira Gill: Publications Coordinator – Sci ’19



Hey! My name is Amira Gill and I am the Publications Coordinator for FYC 2016. My job is to prepare the survival guide which you guys will use in the future. This booklet will cover how to prepare for FREC interviews, job interviews, buying a house, picking your disciplines for next year and much more! I am in first year and some fun facts about me are that blue is my favorite colour, I am in love with soccer and I love chicken wings. I really hope that you guys will find this survival guide useful in the future!





Wilson Lai

Wilson Lai: Logistics Coordinator – Sci ’19 – Direct Entry ECE Option



“Hey everyone! My name is Wilson Lai and I am one of the logistics coordinators, responsible for food, and will be keeping everyone fed this year! I am part of the first ever first year Direct Entry Electrical and Computer Engineering program and am extremely excited to be in charge of the most important part of the conference!”