Have you considered:

  • What times you and your housemates wake up and go to sleep?
  • How to organize chores?
  • How you and your housemates are going to plan cooking and eating?
  • Shower schedules?
  • What musical instruments your housemates play that could potentially keep you awake because they decide to play them at 1:30am?!


This workshop will teach you how to incorporate these important considerations when deciding who you are going to live with next year, or how to maintain healthy relationships with your housemates. This workshop full of both humorous and horrifying housemate stories, and will leave you feeling ready to be the best housemate ever, and make the most of your off-campus experience.

For many people, this is the first time you will be living in a house with individuals that are not part of your family. We want to make sure you consider the dynamics within the people you are going to be sharing a house with. We hope to make you laugh, but also make you more aware of the realities of living with your friends – both the fun and frustrating!