Money Management

After a year in residence, moving into your own house can be quite overwhelming – especially when it comes to money. It’s a harsh reality we all must face – living is an expensive endeavour! Firstly, it’sĀ important to consider the basics – rent, groceries, tuition, school supplies, and house utilities. But students often forget to account for other costs; entertainment and events, coffee and eating out, and personal purchases. It can be very overwhelming, but we are here to help you start thinking about this early so that you can plan ahead, which is especially important if you will be working on a tight budget.

Throughout this workshop we will be providing you with realistic costs of living in the Queen’s University District – what you can expect to pay for rent and utilities, and some estimates on what students spend on groceries every week. We also will provide you with a sample budget that you can modify and utilize for yourself. By thinking about budgeting before you start second year, it will come as less of a shock when next year rolls around.