Resume and Cover Letter Improvement


As many of you may be considering the possibility of applying for engineering internships and jobs over the summer, it is critical to give yourself the best chance to successfully acquire these jobs – and that starts with your resume. It’s time that you step your resume up – but this can be a tough task. In affiliation with Career Services, we are providing you with ways to improve your resume to ensure you present yourself professionally.¬†Another important aspect when applying to any job is to include a Cover Letter. During this workshop we will guide you through the process of improving your resume and writing a professional Cover Letter. After attending this workshop, you will leave with two sample resumes – one before editing and revising, and one afterwards. This will provide you with a template to improving your own resume.

Regardless of whether or not you are applying to engineering positions, it is important that you take the time to update and improve your resume on a regular basis – but don’t worry guys, we’ve got you covered!